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Sunday, February 27th, 2011 8:00 p.m.
Joseph Parsons (solo acoustic)

Görlitzer Strasse 33, 10997 Berlin
Please RSVP asap to:

About The Evening:
Buffet starts at 8 p.m.
(good idea: bring something for the buffet !)
Show starts at about 8.30 p.m.
Suggested Donation: 10 Euro
Soft drinks, beer & wine are here for little money.

About Joseph Parsons:
He has always created his own unique vibe. For the recording side of his music, it is edgy melody focused songwriting. He brings a heart and soul to his songs through energy and emotional honesty. Often stories of people caught in hard times seeking salvation through love or a spiritual connection. Genres run the gamut from SingerSongwriter to Pop to Groove.

On his live shows he are always taking his listeners on a journey.

A perpetual traveler, Parsons has seen much of the world through the wide eyes of a human activist. Spending time as a human shield in war zones or supporting Native American injustices, Joseph makes no bones about getting involved. And that's exactly what he brings to his music.

A deep romantic, a student of the human condition and being an excellent performer enables Joseph to express with pin-point accuracy.
A recent quote "an experienced dealer of emotions" says it all.

About Our House-Concerts:

I'm a strong supporter and enjoy-er of independent music & musicians.

For quite a while, my house is a place for wandering troubadours to stay and relax and explore my hometown Berlin and have a good talk and a cold beer.

I'm doing house-concerts just for the fun of it and also to introduce my befriended musicians to people i know good enough to believe they will enjoy this music as much as i do.

Usually there is a house-concert every month (sometimes 2 a month) in my basement which can hold up to 30 people comfortably.

ALL proceeds of the evening are going to the artist !

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